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 Hello, my name is Mary aka LovePsychicMary. I am a 3rd generation psychic with 20 years experience. I am always honest, ethical, respectful and never judgmental. I have been blessed to be able to help people with my psychic gift through the worst and best times of their life for over 20 years now. I would love to be able to use my psychic gift to help you find the accurate answers to your questions. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than to be able to help people find the answers they are looking for.

You need to have an open mind, and be prepared when you receive a psychic reading. Sometimes, you may not hear what you want to hear and it can be hard. I am a very sincere, honest psychic who will not sugar coat anything, but I will also not go out of my way to cause more pain. Instead, we will look at the situation whether it is good or bad and figure out what’s the best path for you! Most people after a session with me feel much better about their life, situation and relationship and see a clearer path into the future.

I do not and will not ever practice any type of spells or dark magic. While I do not judge anyone who does participate or believe in spells or magic, I myself do not sell, participate or practice any type of dark magic, spells, etc.

  • About my Love Psychic Reading Online.

    Almost all people wish to peek into the future, particularly when it comes to love and most often than not, they turn to love and relationship psychic readings.

  • I strive to make your experience of getting a love psychic reading simple and satisfying each and every time you contact me. While some psychic charge 3.99 or more per minute, I offer my psychic services for ONLY 1.50 per minute and, you will receive 5 FREE MINUTES with every purchase through my website. Also, for a LIMITED TIME ONLY –

    I am 100% discrete and confidential. Gone are the days of walking into a stranger’s home or shop for a psychic reading. Now, when you decide to get a psychic reading by phone, email or chat, you get all the benefits of a psychic reading from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you choose. I pride myself on being a sincere, honest, discrete and confidential psychic.

    Affordable Rates – No Hidden Charges

  • Love and Relationship Psychic Readings by Email! 

    Love and Relationship Psychic Readings by Email are $10.00 per question.
    Please email your question (s) along with your name and the name of anyone you are wanting to ask about to I will respond within 24 hours. ~ Satisfaction guaranteed

  • Love & Relationship Psychic Readings Chat SMS 1.99 Per Min.

    Psychic Reading By Phone, SMS / TXT  and Chat ONLY 1.99 Per Minute.
    Please TEXT 1-502-264-1988 after payment to schedule an appointment.
    If you order a chat session we will chat using Skype or My Website Chat Feature
    If you do not use all of your purchased minutes they will be credited to your next call!
    Call LovePsychicMary using skype

    Love Psychic Reading


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